Streaming soon!

As stated in my about me page, I stream every Wednesday (today!). This is actually new for me: until last week, I streamed every Tuesday.

Please join me! Tonight I will be playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War. I’ve played it before, but I put it on hold to Play Resident Evil 7: biohazard (VODs of those are available on my YouTube channel)

Stream begins at 8:00 p.m. MST, and my streaming links are below. Please make sure to subscribe to/follow my channels to be notified of any new streams or other content. 🙂




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Hello, and welcome to my site!


It’s finally here! This is my website, and I hope to use it to gather an interesting crew of people and direct them to the best things on my YouTube channel (AKA the best things on YouTube). 😅

No shame in being honest, right? 🤣

While you’re here, I hope you find something entertaining.

If you’re a company that offers tech/gaming-related products and you’d like to talk about a partnership, please go to my contact page.

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