Cloak and Moirrey Play Portal 2 (Episode 2)

Hello fronds! 🌿

The latest episode of Cloak and Moirrey Play Portal 2 is out now!

Please click the URL for the complete playlist, or view the embedded videos below for both viewpoints of the latest episode.

If you enjoy the videos below, please see the bottom of this post to subscribe to our channels. With any luck, the next episode should be out on January 7, 2018.

Moirrey’s view:

Cloak’s view:



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Streaming soon!

As stated in my about me page, I stream every Wednesday (today!). This is actually new for me: until last week, I streamed every Tuesday.

Please join me! Tonight I will be playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War. I’ve played it before, but I put it on hold to Play Resident Evil 7: biohazard (VODs of those are available on my YouTube channel)

Stream begins at 8:00 p.m. MST, and my streaming links are below. Please make sure to subscribe to/follow my channels to be notified of any new streams or other content. 🙂




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Hello, and welcome to my site!


It’s finally here! This is my website, and I hope to use it to gather an interesting crew of people and direct them to the best things on my YouTube channel (AKA the best things on YouTube). 😅

No shame in being honest, right? 🤣

While you’re here, I hope you find something entertaining.

If you’re a company that offers tech/gaming-related products and you’d like to talk about a partnership, please go to my contact page.

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