Chat Commands

Hello friends,

I’ve been using chat commands in my stream for quite some time, but I’ve never made a comprehensive listing of all the commands that users can make use of in chat. To simplify things, I’ve divided them into categories – general (anyone can use them), regulars only (need to be a regular or semi-regular viewer), and user-specific (which will never be available to anyone but me and the user granted them).

All of these commands except most of those listed under ‘Silly’ and the only one under ‘Stream Stats’ will play sound effects. (!welcome does play a sound effect)


Social-media related (these all play sound effects when triggered, as well as displaying a message)

!facebook – displays a link to my Facebook page

!instagram – displays a link to my main Instagram page

!twitter – displays a link to my Twitter page (I’ve disabled this one for the time being)

!youtube – displays a link to my YouTube page

!wtmh – links to my website (which you are already looking at)



!fight – causes my bot to fight the user

!hug – causes my bot to hug the user

!randfight – causes my bot to fight a random user

!randhug – causes my bot to hug a random user

!welcome – displays the welcome message for my Twitch channel.


Stream Stats

!uptime – displays the amount of time the stream has been live for


Regulars Only:

!almostdrowned – use this when I come close to drowning (self-explanatory)

!attention – to signify that you’re paying attention

!bennyhill – for crazy chases!

!bosswin – for when the boss kicks my ass

!congrats – to be congratulatory (sarcastic? sincere? you decide)

!discovery – when we find something cool on stream

!listen – to get Moirrey’s attention

!nice – when you’re impressed with what you’ve seen

!no – when you disagree (funny or serious 😂)

!notright – a variant of “no”. Shh, it’s  not a duplicate.

!rip – only to be used when I die in game

!saymyname – shows how to pronounce my name, the way my bot would say it

!shotsfired – during a tense conversation or scene in-game

!suspense – when things get creepy, eerie, or tense

!swim – self-explanatory

!tooslow – for when you want to razz me for not being quick enough. lel

!valleygirl – this will make a valleygirl sound effect play, LIKE, OH MY GOD!

!yawn – enter this when I yawn on stream















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