Moirrewind? Get it?! Moirrey Rewind! *sigh*

Okay, lame jokes aside…

I’m scaling back my release schedule, so instead of providing a link to my latest and greatest (yeah, I’ve got nothing right now), this is going to be a recap of all the things I forgot to post (in order of newest to oldest).

P.S. My next Dishonored LP will be released on March 16, and there should be a new video in the Cloak and Moirrey Play Portal 2 series on Wednesday, March 7. From that point on, I will only be releasing one video per week (in a rotating schedule; Wednesday for Portal and Friday for Dishonored). School matters more to me. 🤓

Wednesday, February 28 Stream:

Shadow of War, Part 12: Queen of the Damned


Moirrey Plays Death of the Outsider (#25): Carpe Noctem


Wednesday, February 21 Stream (3 separate games):

1. Shadow of War, Part 11: Poorly Simulated (and inebriated) Human


2. Resident Evil 7 (#12): Diminishing Returns


3. Moirrey Isn’t Getting Over It


Moirrey Plays Death of the Outsider (#24): Tonight’s the Night


Thursday, February 15 Stream:

Shadow of War, Part 10: We have a badass over here!

I streamed on Thursday instead of Wednesday, because duh (Valentine’s Day).

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I’ll be away from social media for the next few days, but you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook using the links below:

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💖 Much love to all my fronds! 🌿


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